The Baking Tools Essentials

Are you thinking of dabbling in cake developing but you are not sure how to get started? Do you dream of putting together dream cakes for friends and families—beautiful cakes and pastries that you can show off with pride? If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you will find that there are many fine cake decorating resources that are now available. There are books and magazines currently flooding the market that are aimed at novice and advanced cake decorators alike. But if you are just getting started in cake decorating, you will want to make sure that you have stocked your kitchen with the right cake decorating tools.

Spatulas- when it comes to cake decorating, you will not want to be in short supply spatulas. At the very least, you will want to make sure that you have both a flat and an offset spatula.

Cake Leveler – A cake leveler is a funny-looking device that is fun to use once you realize what it is for. A cake leveler is used to lop off any uneven parts of your cake. You can use the cake leveler to cut off the dome of a rounded cake, for instance. A cake leveler, so you can spot it at the kitchen supply store, is an instrument with a metal frame with an attached thin wire stretched between two opposite posts.

Metal Decorating Tips – Here is where the fun starts. There are so many metal decorating tips, there are probably too many to count. Make it easy on yourself and buy one of those beginner metal decorating tips that come with all the basic tips, including round tips numbers 3 and 12, rose 104 tip, the leaf 352 tip, and the two basic star tips (16 and 21).

Various decorating bags – These are the cornerstone tools of any good cake decorator. You can choose from the featherweight reusable plastic decorating bags. You can choose from paper triangle bags that are made from parchment paper. You can create your own paper cone bags, or you can choose a plastic piping bag. Keep a few in your collection that you can experiment with.

Flower Nails – One of the pleasures of cake decorating tools is that you get to use fun and original tools with names like flower “nails.” These are special picks that can be used to carve out flowers, especially roses, out of icing.

A Plastic Turntable – What is a cake decorator to do without a plastic turntable? A plastic turntable makes it easier to decorate a round cake. You can turn your cake easily while you work.

Cake insulators – This refers to insulated strips of cloth that are used to wrap around the cake pan. They are used to bake the cake and to prevent the browning of the cake’s sides.

Different paste colors – Paste colors are used to change the color of your icing. It can be a lot of fun to work with paste colors. These usually come in pots of thick dye. These are preferable over any kind of food dye because they won’t dilute the consistency of the icing that you are working with.

Glassine or paper dollies. These can be used successfully for being placed on top of the cake round. They give off a pretty and polished look to the finished product.

Paintbrushes – Kitchen and cake decorating paintbrushes can be very helpful and a lot of fun to work with. You can use cake decorating paintbrushes that are used for bag striping methods.

Toothpicks – Always keep toothpicks on hand to fix mistakes and test consistencies.