The Secrets to Baking a Perfect Cake

The paper cone—such a simple thing, really, but it can do so much. It is amazing how many pastry chefs prefer this simple concoction to the more elaborate pastry bags and other cake decorating tools that are used to create elaborate and beautiful desserts. Here is a convincing argument for the further use of paper cones in the use of cake decoration.

Why You Should Use Paper Cones in Your Own Cake Decoration

Why should you consider using paper cones in your own cake decorating endeavors? Paper cones have become widely used in cake decoration, including several professional bakers and pastry chefs, who have stated that they prefer paper cones. Why do so many prefer to work with paper cones? Paper cones are becoming widely used because they are often easier to use than other tools. Paper cones come in almost all sizes. Paper cones can be made very small. Paper cones are much easier to control than other tools. Paper cones are good on a small scale or when doing delicate design work.

Considerations and Factors When Using Paper Cones

One important factor when using a paper cone in cake decoration is that you should make sure the icing has a good consistency. Try to achieve a uniform consistency when you are working with paper cones. A good consistency is when the icing is not too thin or too thick. The icing must be thin enough to flow through the paper cone opening, but not so stiff that it will be difficult to squeeze it out. Of course, sometimes you may want to achieve a stiff icing so that the designs hold their shape, as when you are designing flowers or other decorative flourishes.

How to Handle Your Paper Cone Tool Effectively

It is important that you find just the right pressure. The challenge is to find the right way to hold the paper cone so that you are applying just the right pressure. It is important when working with a paper cone tool that you keep a steady pressure. This will allow the paper cone to let the icing flow out evenly. This is important when working with specific kinds of design. Paper cones can help you achieve certain borders. You should practice moving between light and heavy pressure. It takes considerable practice, but using a paper cone can also be quite fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

Hints and Tips for Working with Paper Cones

Here are some hints and tips that can help you learn how to use a paper cone for decorating a cake. Begin by filling your paper cone half full with icing—any more and the icing may squeeze out of the top of the cone as you get to decorating. You can avoid this by making sure that you do not overfill your paper cone when you get started.

Practice Your First Paper Cone Maneuvers

Once you have your paper cone half-filled with icing, simply fold down the top of it and get ready to roll. Use your kitchen scissors to cut off a tip from the bottom of your cone. Always snip off just a little opening. That way, if you need to make it bigger, you can. Next, take the time to practice on a paper towel before you begin to actively decorate your cake. The best way to hold the paper cone is to find the most natural position. Try to hold the paper cone so that you have a firm but flexible grip that allows you to apply constant pressure with all your fingers.